Protected Structures make Beautiful Homes

Properties of historical or architectural significance are often not given consideration by potential homeowners due to their apparent limitations and specialist maintenance costs. The opportunity to own and develop an exceptional home can sometimes be missed. With the proper expertise and advice a beautiful home can be realised while ensuring an important part of our heritage is preserved for future generations.

An initial appraisal by a qualified conservation architect will provide an essential start to any conservation project and will ultimately prove to be a long-term investment.

Provided the intrinsic historical fabric is retained there is a wide range of scope to adapt a protected structure to modern living. Each building is unique and presents its own challenges- from reclaiming the infamous city centre bed-sits back to a single dwelling for modern living on a limited budget to extensive contemporary alterations of Victorian terraced dwellings.

An informed understanding and knowledge of old buildings is required to avoid costly and often irreparable mistakes.