Building Control (Amendment) Regulations S.I.9

The Building Control (Amendment) Regulations – BC(A)R, were signed into law on the 15th January 2014. The BC(A)R will apply to most building works  (including house extensions over 40sq m) that start on site from 1st March 2014.

Building owners will have a statutory obligation to appoint the following:

competent Design Team to design the new building in accordance the Building Regulations.

a competent Builder to construct the new building in accordance the Building Regulations.

competent Assigned Certifier who will prepare an Inspection Plan, inspect and certify, with the Builder, that the new building, when complete, is built in accordance the Building Regulations.

A Statutory Register of Builders is proposed to be established in 2015. Meanwhile the CIF (Construction Industry Federation) have launched a voluntary register. It is advised that builders tendering for work from the 1st March 2014 should be on the voluntary register.

The administrative and certification procedure now required to fulfil the obligations under the new regulations will potentially increase the time scale and budget for most building works.

Kelliher Miller Architects are fully qualified under the regulations to act as Assigned Certifiers. For further information on how the BC (A) R will effect your project please contact our office directly