Mixed Use Development at Clonee

Title:Mixed Use Development at Clonee
Status: Planning approval 2009

Description:The proposal consists of a mixed use development of residential, retail and office use. The units are arranged around a courtyard creating a new access road to the west boundary. The development is separated into 4 no. blocks to reduce the apparent massing and define a protected perimeter around a landscaped courtyard. Access to the site is through a new pedestrian entrance from the street and at proposed basement level.
Sustainability:The configuration of the layout maximises on passive solar gain by creating mass to the north and large glazed openings to the south. All apartments enjoy dual aspect providing natural ventilation and light. Balconies are 1.5m in depth and will act as real outdoor spaces for amenity use. Ceiling heights are above the minimum heights for building regulations to improve ventilation circulation and light. Proposed external finishes include self-finished materials to ensure lw maintenance and longevity.